Antique Lineberry Furn. Cart

Great Coffee! or CKTL Table!,Slick! ,Beautiful!,DETAIL!


This is an original authentic Lineberry cart completly restored with attention to the DETAILS!! From the solid OAK!! decking,to the iron work ,down to the nails in the decking.The lettering is AUTHENTIC.It is ORIGINAL!! and revived made to stand out far above the rest,while preserving the natural signs of aging and years of use.I am a craftsman in the mountains of N.C. I repair and restore Furniture and Antiques for over one Hundred stores!! I have restored many carts for many people.I am new to the way of computers but have decided to give it a go.If you have an eye for the details you will recognize my work in and from others sold on Ebay.Now you can buy direct from my shop.I take great pride in my restoration process.I select only the carts that have had extensive exposer to the elements.This gives the wood a unique identity that only God can produce. Mineral deposits and gum pockets come to life. NOTICE!! the width of the boards in the decking, also the tight grain. This is an INDICATOR!! of the age of this cart. It was hewn from the OLD growth OAK!! timber. NEVER to be seen again. THE LINEBERRY COMPANY was a FOUNDRY and MACHINE shop. They produced their own metal work and in conjunction with Mcqueary Saw and Tool which supplied the oak framing and decking produced this piece of HISTORY!! Both have long since closed. I can remember passing the old plants on my way trout fishing (just a little inside info.). The case has been meticulously sanded to be smooth to the touch for your benefit as well as the children. These carts were designed to move heavy stock on factory floors. So they designed the center axle higher and the end wheels slightly lower this allowed the cart to pivot on center. Which in turn gave mobility while supporting heavy weight. Not ideal for use as table, due to the see-saw effect.(Wobbles) So I incorporated a tapped bolt on the end wheels were a carter pin had held the end wheel lower. This allows for the the leveling of the cart, but can be easily removed and an original carter pin installed. The metal work has been completly restored and all rust removed and detailed to Pop!! The finish is the same used in HIGH-END guitars, durable and hand rubbed to a beautiful sheen. Pictures do not do this cart JUSTICE!! It must be seen and felt to fully understand its BEAUTY!! Already imitated, but true craftmanship can never be stolen. Each of my carts are unique and secretly marked to identify the restorator. This is a Large wheeled cart with Lineberry on the wheels. Dimensions for this are: 27'WIDE by 50' LENGTH and 16.5" HEIGHT. Main wheels are 15" in diameter. Weight is165 lbs. Four small felt pads positioned on main wheels insures it stays where you put it. While also protecting your floors. This cart is NOT black paint and stain slapped on and shipped out. It is inspected, selected, and given days of attention after the years of abuse. Hand sanded, hand finished with thought of use and purpose in every aspect. I am new at this EBAY, but I make my living with my hands, mind, and word. I do what I say when I say it. I expect others to do the same. I have been told by some stores that I work with that you have to be known to sell on EBAY, but everyone has to have a starting point. You must start sometime,somewhere. Thanks for taking the time to view my work. THE COLOR OF THE WOOD IS NOT WELL REPRESENTED.I WORK WTH FURNITURE EVERYDAY.I MUST REPAIR AND RESTORE FURNITURE WHEN THE CUST. KNOWS EXACTLY WHERE THE PROBLEM WAS.SO MY WORK MUST BE PERFECT!! AND BACK TO MANUFACTURING STANDARDS! SO TRUST ME WHEN I TELL YOU THAT THIS CART IS BEYOND ANY CART I HAVE DONE TO DATE!! I PROMISE YOU WILL BE STUNNED!! PLEASE USE THE ENLARGE AND ZOOM FEATURE TO GET A BETTER VIEW.THANKS AGAIN!! Here is happens when you buy. I will take your cart to Home Delivery Service .They are a full service White Glove Delivery company.Best in the business.They don't push to back of truck say (Here it is.Sign here ). They will pack,deliver,carry-in your home,remove all trash(packing material) and place where you want it .With no assemble needed!!The cart comes as pictured. This is the most cost effective and safest method of shipping with all the perks. Normal Shipping is $150 east of Denver and $175 west of Denver.

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